Thursday, December 18, 2014

Missionaries Give Back - Carnival Festival for Tutuila & Island Christmas Fireside

 just getting ready for the crowds.  The Elders followed direction and worked hard.

 we stapled candy to his cape and the kids chased him till they actually took him down and stripped him of all the candy.

 We watched the Church made film "the Gift" before we started the carnival.  Love these guys.

 kids everywhere love Santa - boy was he hot.

 this was the scene as the kids got ready to chase "Flash" - he was the one with the cape.
 We called this the "ride the rail" race.  had to hold the swimming noodles between your legs and race to the end and back.

 The kids love the missionaries.

 We had pizza and home made cookies for them all after the fireside.  1/2 a large pizza per Elder and there were no leftovers.

 They love pizza

This is one awesome group of missionaries.  We have the best.

There are two things Samoan kids love to do - volleyball and dodgeball.

had to throw been bags into frosty's mouth and belly.

Samoan bowling, coconuts and water filled bottles.  works like a charm

sucker toss, the kids loved this one.

And of course you can't have a carnival without a water balloon toss.  This was a real hit. 

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