Thursday, August 14, 2014

Elders of Tutuila

These are the current Elders of Tutuila.  We are instructed to not publish the Elders names but we can put their pictures on our blog.  Some are in Pday clothes as it was their Pday on monday and the others are in their regular work clothes as Missionaries on the tuesday.  We have grown to love these Elders and their wonderful faithful spirits.  We love seeing them each week and helping them with all their needs.  They love Sister Saunders cookies and brownies - they don't get those kind of treats here so they really get excited when she treats them with goodies.  They also love her for the medical care and the Mom away from home care and advice she gives them regarding their personal health.  Our goal is to keep our Elders Happy, Healthy and Working hard.


  1. Isn't it absolutely one of the most beautiful places on earth! Panama is paradise as well, but Samoa is still very unspoiled and the people are so beautiful, caring and friendly! We loved our time in Samoa!
    We feel very blessed to be in Panama and to be serving a temple mission! It really doesn't matter where one serves, as long as we are doing what we have been called to do!
    Bless you both!

  2. great pictures Dad! I'm sure the Elders love you and Mom.


  3. Thank you!!! Thank you for looking after our missionaries and for sending us pictures!! LOVE to see those smiling faces!!

  4. So great to look through your blog! This is Carol Lethaby (not Shane!!). May I have a copy of your MTC laundry picture? I'm sure Shane never took one, and it's impressive!!
    Enjoy your mission. Elder Lethaby has been out a year this week, and I cannot believe he only has a year left. He LOVES the people of the Philippines...I don't believe you can help it as a missionary!!

  5. Thanks for the pictures. My son is Elder McWilliams in the blue Nike shirt in the picture above. He loved Tutuila..and is now serving in my wife's ancestral village Falefa, Upolu. Matt McWilliams