Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NEW Missionaries with their NEW Trainers.

2 of our new missionaries were not
able to have their picture taken with
their new companion because their
companions are over in Tutuila and
they were not able to get flights on
transfer day.  Sorry

Monday, September 14, 2015

So many goodbyes and hellos

 We sent these three great missionaries home to their families - they were excellent missionaries

 We had 19 new missionaries arrive on our Monday and Tuesday for orientation and training then off to their new areas of labor.  This is a great group and we are excited to have them here with us.  Beautiful Samoa Temple in the background

This group of 15 missionaries all finished together and we said our goodbyes on Thursday and Friday of last week so we have missed them all.  Wonderful missionaries.

Visit by Elder Robbins & Elder Haleck

Zone Conference and Devotional with Elder Robbins and Elder Haleck

Goodbye to our dear Friends

Seniors get together to say goodbye to the Tolmans and send them off with our love.

We will never forget these two wonderful servants of the Lord.  They provided wonderful direction and inspiration to the mission.

The Canadians are leaving

Vaiola School will never forget these two.  The Stonehockers were awesome - they provided a lot of fun and entertainment for the Senior Couples.  We will miss them.