Sunday, December 29, 2013

The waiting game

The Saunders, Scotts, Burtons and Wendy & I had Christmas at the cabin in Windermere.   We miss the Salmons in Texas and the Saunders in California this time of year.   This helps us wait patiently. 

Christmas morning the girls were having a good time

Even tho we are waiting for our visa to go to India we have been busy getting all our vaccinations and completing information for the Missionary Department .
We have also had the following activities to keep us busy.  Dinner with a group of friends from our Ward, Ida & Quinn's school concerts, Japanese village with the adult kids for a fun meal, CJ's birthday, Eli's birthday, Wood family party in Taber, visiting Grandma Saunders in Taber with all the kids, Anna and Grandma Saunders birthdays , Dahl's birthday.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wendy enjoying the snow fall and
shovelling driveways in the

Nice buck out by our old home.

Well we haven't done much on the Visa front for a few weeks except wait for a response.  We have however done plenty of shovelling in the neighbourhood and went out to Windermere to get the cabin ready for Christmas with all the Calgary kids.  We have enjoyed some of the wild life in our old neighbourhood as well.  We have been to our Ward Christmas party, the Jensen's Christmas party, and getting some reading and organizing done before Christmas.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Groundhog Day

Wendy and I have made many new acquaintances as we come over to the Indian Visa and Passport office every few days to discuss, negotiate, query, inform, question ways for get a visa for our mission.  So far - nothing is working.  We now have our papers in the hands of the head of visa's for India at the Vancouver office.  We are waiting for his response and advice.  If you pray then pray for us and for the head of Visa's.