Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finally made it to the MTC (Missionary Training Centre)

Well it seems like it has taken months for us to get into the mission field and it has.  But we have now had our farewell with family and have made our way to the MTC.  Life here is very exciting and full of training, learning, firesides and new friends, with so many couples going on missions.  There are 80 couples that arrived on monday with us.

Here were are at the Calgary airport heading thru customs after saying good bye to all the Calgary kids and grand kids.  It was hard to leave them but here we go.

And before you know it we are in Provo Utah and have our orientation and name tags as Sister Saunders and Elder Saunders - Samoa Apia Missionaries

We finish our class room work each evening at 4:30 and Wendy and I were restless having sat for 3 days so we took a walk/hike us Rock Canyon just east of the MTC and Provo Temple.  It is a considered a great hiking area in the Provo area.  The peak you see here is called Squaw Peak and it's a 8 hour hike to the top and back.  We hiked a few hours but look forward to hiking the peak on Saturday when we have our day off.

Beautiful Rock Canyon hike

Elder Garrett Godfrey from our Cochrane ward arrived around 1:20 on Wednesday so Wendy and I just had to go see his arrival and say hi to he and his Mom and Dad.  It was great to see them and see how excited they were as they dropped him off for his mission to South Korea.  He will be a great missionary


  1. Love you guys. So the adventures begin!!!

  2. So thrilled for you both. We will eagerly be watching for each update!

  3. Excited to follow along through your blog! Great weather we're having in Utah

  4. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Erin Halliday!!!

  5. Wonderful to finally catch up with you through your amazing blog!!! We finally got our blog up and running. Wish we would have got it going to capture our mission prep and MTC experience like you guys have done. We are having amazing experiences here with the military families of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. What heroes and what sacrifices the soldiers and their families make for our nation and freedom for the world. Our blog is at