Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stake Relief Society Party

One of our New Zealand Elders shouting out the commands for the dance they are about to do.  He was great - he is a very big boy and a very big voice.  They did the Haka.

One of the wards doing a dance from one of the Islands here in the Pacific
This dance started with this man sounding the horn, I believe this was the Hawaiian dancers
Young and Old learn the dance moves and enjoyed the evening dancing
Each ward chose a queen for their ward and celebrated her life.  This sister is the International Coach for women's rugby - don't mess with her, she is not just a pretty face. They were the Tongans.
These beautiful women dancing Samoan style in their pulutasi.  ( dresses )
This was from the Tongan ward and it was a Maori dance
Like I said before, young and old participate and learn the dances.  Even the little guy in the front.
The Older sisters were so graceful and they would get up and dance around the sides for every ward.  They knew every dance.

This is the Stake Patriarch and his wife and they loved to dance, he was given a flower for being the best dancer over 50 years old.

Another one of the beauty queens chosen by the Tafuna 2nd ward.  These people love to dance and sing and they can really dance.  Size does not matter - being big is just fine and no one is shy about getting up in front of hundreds to dance.    

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