Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heading home for Departure

 had to stop in Yosemite on our way home - didn't have time to climb Half Dome or El Capitan but Half Dome is on the list.

 Bridalveil Falls - so beautiful

Base of El Capitan - it's a long and difficult hike just to get to a spot where you can start to climb

 El Capitan just waiting to be climbed

Water falls all around the Park, Half Dome in the distance.  It's massive when you get up close
This is a view from the tunnel as you first come into the valley with Bridalveil Falls on the right.

Wendy and I drove from Yosemite over to Napa Valley for the night.  It is a long road but beautiful country, farming, vineyards, lakes and ranching.  Beautiful rolling hills.  We spent the next few days driving up through California, Oregon, Washington and over to Spokane, then up to Invermere.  We arrived Monday evening and spent a few days getting clothes and our home organized.  We will spend time here in Invermere and over in Calgary over the next 5 weeks as we get ready to fly to Provo to the Missionary Training Centre on June 9th.  We are very excited to get going as it's been almost 8 months working on visas and getting ready to go serve.

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