Friday, April 4, 2014

Daily grind in Southern California

Wendy and I start our day with a long walk in the hills around Ladera Ranch.  There are many trails through the neighbourhoods as well as up and down the hills and ravines.  We try and get 10 -12 Km each morning.

We like this trail because when we get to the end we can see the beach at Dana Point.

We then jump on our beach cruisers and ride over to the pools ( about a block or so) for our daily swim

Ladera has a few beautiful pool areas, and this one is real close to Dave and Lisa home.

We have gone from 10 lengths to 44 lengths so we are getting a little better at the swim portion of our workout.

Hey, after any workout you have to have something good to eat once in awhile so we head over to Dana Point for the famous Shwack burger

I know it seems wrong but you got to admit it looks good and by the way it is good.  Yum

                          Then the afternoon gets busy with taking the boys to the pool again.
                                                   Scout activities - Carter Saunders
Then there is always homework.  Carter doing his reading assignment with Brady learning the ropes.

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