Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Tests

Here is a picture of our 3 bedroom home in Samoa.  The van has been replaced with a new 1 ton van so we have lots of room for passengers or cargo and spare beds for guests.

Wendy and I have spent the past few weeks back in Calgary getting new medicals, X-rays, Police reports and passport documents filled out.  We are grateful for the Dr's who have helped us thru the process in a very efficient manner.

We went out to our home in Windermere for a few days to pick up some clothes and check on things. The mountains have had lots of snow as you can see - it's building up everywhere.  The Valley was clear and no snow, very spring like.  We had a nice few days to relax.

Jessica and CJ went down to St. George to look for a home so Wendy and I have been the chief cook, bottle washer, baby sitter of Eli and Ida for 4 or 5 days and it's been real fun.  We took some walks, played some games, and had a special meal each night.  Saturday - Pizza , Sunday - spaghetti, Monday - meatballs, Tuesday - Tacos, Wedensday - Waffles.  Whatever rhymed we made.

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